VIDEO REVIEW: Dark Tower (1989)

A look at the luxury Blu-ray release for 1989’s Dark Tower, released by Vinegar Syndrome.

From the Blu-ray box: A recently completed luxury high-rise in the center of Barcelona becomes the scene of an apparent ‘accident,’ which causes the death of a construction worker. However, witness Carolyn Page is adamant that someone – or something – else is responsible. Finding an unlikely ally in Dennis Randall, a grizzled cop now working as a private security consultant, the two decide to launch their own investigation into the mysterious goings on in the building, but it’s not long before another grisly ‘accidental’ death occurs…

Directed pseudonymously by acclaimed British cinematographer Freddie Francis (Tales From the Crypt) and co-scripted by cult filmmaker Ken Widerhorn (Shock Waves), DARK TOWER is a suspenseful supernatural shocker that stars Jenny Agutter (I Start Counting), Michael Moriarty (TV’s LAW & ORDER), Carol Linley (The Poseidon Adventure), and Theodore Bikel (The Defiant Ones). Vinegar Syndrome presents the worldwide Blu-ray debut of this late 80s rarity newly restored from its 35mm interpositive.

Bonus Features:
1. Region A Blu-ray
2. Newly scanned & restored in 2k from its 35mm interpositive
3. “Dark Inspirations” – an interview with special effects artist Steve Neill
4. Promotional still gallery
5. Reversible cover artwork
6. SDH English subtitles

Click to order Dark Tower at Amazon:

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